Activities at Sea

Rib Safari

The real thrill of speed on the water! Airisto Spa’s own rib-boat runs well in rough seas, it´s safe, stable and allows for quick transitions from place to place . Our boat is suitable for up to 12 persons. We can offer the complete equipment for the trip: Every passenger get to borrow a warm overall, life jacket , gloves, hat and goggles, which all are really needed. Thanks to our first-class boat, the ride is fast, but dry. So the biggest spray and waves are left on the outside of the boat. The boat takes on a modern, eco-friendly highly efficient 300-hp outboard motor and a dedicated skipper. Read more about Rib safari!

Do-able during the open water season. Duration of the program by choice and agreement. Group sizes of  10-20 persons. Larger groups are also possible. Ask for more information!

Rib Navigation

Navigation in a slightly faster manner. And no need to run in the woods dodging branches, here we go fast on the water. Sneakers is not required for the journey is fueled by speedy Rib-boats. The compass can be left at home as well as our boat is properly equipped.

Groups are divided into teams, every team then get its own Rib boat and skipper. Maps with marked with checkpoints are handed out. Teams then need to tell the skipper how to navigate to the marked checkpoints. Each team will start with different checkpoints. When the checkpoint is found, the team need to take a picture with a smartphone or camera as evidence. The team that finds all the checkpoints first is the winner. Rib navigation activity takes usually 1-2 hours.
Price from: 550€/boat

Do-able during the open water season. Ask for more information!

Sailing Excursion

Spend about 4 hours sailing with the skipper! Sailing package includes a tutorial, 4 hours sailing and a skipper. You can plan the route together with the skipper or if you are a bigger group, we can organize a regatta and you can compete for the title of archipelago skipper! (Morning start at 10am and afternoon start at 3pm.)

Available: During open water season. Group size 6-30 persons. Duration approx. 4 hours.

S&S Swan 43: Length 13,1m. Passangers max. 12.

Water Fun – Water Activities

You don´t like rowing, huh? Spend a summer day behind a Rib boat on a wakeboard, water skis or a banana with ring pull. Something different than the usual humiliation for the Bachelor at the bachelors party? Maybe watercraft safari for the whole group? And if engines don´t make you tick, then maybe kayaking is the way to go. These water activities and so much more at Airisto Spa. Ask for more information!

Beach Fun – Beach Activities

On our own sandy beach , you can even play petanque and beach- volley . Traditional dart boards and the sandy beach is included for free, of course. Next door is also a mini golf course where you can see who is Tiger Woods and who’s not. We also have a large dock where up to a 100 people  can go against each other in the traditional worm – angling competition. Ask for more information!


WOW-Ball, or the Walk On Water Ball is a transparent plastic ball which the customer goes inside. The ball is then inflated with air and the fun begins. You balance the a ball on the water. You can try to come up with different tricks to get forward, if you can keep your balance that is. Of course you can also just sway of the waves and enjoy your  own little bubble. 
WoW-ball is a fun program suitable for recreation days, bachelor- and birthday parties. Both for children and adults. Ask for more information!

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