Fishing in Turku archipelago

We offer You guided fishing tours in the Turku archipelago, best destination in Finland for big pike. You can go fishing independently from our Villas and cottages or take a trip with professional fishing guide. Group and Business -oriented guided fishing trips are among our strong specialties. With years of experience we are arranging well functioning packages even for more demanding groups.
Our professional fishing guides are multilingual and understands the local conditions. Fishing on beautiful surroundings are must thing to do while your visit in Finland.

Independent fishing

While enjoying Your stay at our seaside archipelago Villa or cottage You can go fishing. Best way to experience the real Finnish archipelago. We will rent You suitable boat and equipment, fix fishing permits and share our knowledge considering fishing with You. We have boats in many sizes, motors from 5hp to 300hp. We will let you know the right methods and right spots just for the season. If desired, packed lunch, based on your request will also given with you. Main thing is to enjoy!

Guided fishing tours

Do you want to learn something new of sportfishing? Do You have only one shot for the big fish? Or are you planing to stay longer but you don’t have a clear picture where fishes stay or you wan’t to learn something new? We recommend to take Guided fishing trip in Turku archipelago with professional and local fishing guide. Then you will have just the right equipment and you will be fishing surely at right spots. Possibility for THE big one is much more better…

Guided fishing for larger groups

We specialize in guided fishing trips for large groups. With up to 25 people on one boat at a time. The group can also be divided into several smaller boats. Fishing on the Archipelago Sea is rewarding. Different fish have season at different times of the year, so fishing is generally good throughout the whole year.

The archipelago provides protection on windy days, so you ‘re not forced to cancel the trip the just because the weather changed. And as the old wording says: “There isn´t such a thing as bad fishing weather, just bad fishing clothes”. In other words, we dress our customers in accordance with the circumstances.

Our own versatile “fleet”, quality equipment and functional working areas in accordance with our professional partners allows us to arrange fishing trips for larger groups throughout the year. As a little curiosity, we can mention that Airisto Spa has the archipelagos, if not Finland ‘s fastest fishing boat…

Lodgign in archipelago

If you are looking for quality villa, consider our Villa Constantine. Besides Villa Constantine is well equipped and neat, it is located in one of the hottest fishing areas in Finnish archipelago. In Villa Constantine can stay and overnight up to 10 persons. Read more about our villa in archipelago >>

Fishing Methods

In addition to the usual coarse fishing from the pier (which also can be made into an excellent contest) we have the following to offer:

Whitefish angling

Spring whitefish angling is very popular. And no wonder! Angling is relaxed, the weather is generally good and catch quite sure. Fishing occurs in places where the current is strong, as soon as the ice has melted so much that angling is possible. Villa Constantine is the perfect place for whitefish angling .

Spin Fishing for pike

A pretty nice and safe way to catch fish in the open sea season. Stories of the archipelago’s big pike are completely true! Feel the pike violent attack on the rod – experience the wonderful feeling after the photoshoot when you release your record pike back into the sea. Best season for pike are spring and autumn.

Pike Trolling

For pike trolling we use up to more than six meters long rods. Due to the long tods and skillful boat handling and very short line, you get the bate exactly to where the fish is located. With several rods you get a schooling effect that attracts the pike. Suits well as a part of the fishing adventure. Start out with spin fishing and continue with trolling.

Spin fishing for sea trout

The best time for sea trout fishing is early spring and late autumn, when the water temperature is below 10 degrees. When trout fishing, catch is not always entirely sure, but then when the trout slash at the bait then you understand what you were waiting for all along. That will wake up the daydreaming fishers once again!

Winter Fishing

When the ice is thick enough, winter fishing starts and usually lasts until the sunny days of early spring. The usual catch during ice fishing is mainly perch and pike. Catches are very common and it´s a nice way to fish, suitable for both beginners and larger groups.
Get a really nice adventure by combining ice fishing with snowmobile and ATV tours.

Our Fishing Boats

Sea Star RS 20: Sea Star is a stable and seaworthy open boat capable of great weight capacity. Sufficiently high sideboards keeps water spray on the outside and the passengers dry. When fishing and depending on the fishing method, four to five clients can be boarded.

Rib inflatable boat: Trolling from a Rib-boat, probably the fastest fishing boat in Finland! Your fishing will be more efficient since the transportation is fast. Max. 7 pers.

Miranda: Miranda is an excellent boat for smaller groups and charter trips. Length 10 m, speed 30 knots and passengers max. 8 pcs.

Tracker 175WT Combi: Year 2015 USA-built Tracker 175 Combo designed for fishing, powered by a 115 horse power Mercury outboard engine. Suitable for four fishermen + guide.

Hummerfish: The length is 9 meters Max Speed ​​30 knots. The boat is ideal for smaller groups. The boat is handmade and unsinkable.

Myrskylintu: Myrskylintu is well suited for fishing trips and archipelago cruises. Length 16,5 m, speed 17 knots, passengers max. 28 persons. Restaurant services.

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