Private Restaurant

We are just as focused and dedicated when it comes to food as with at all our other experiences.

A unique atmosphere

A peaceful evening, the sun goes down by the sea. Outdoors on the large terrace or in the sand on the beach. In winter you can sit inside on the unique and warm glass covered porch, where you and your guests create an incredible and unforgettable atmosphere.

Local and fresh ingredients

Our dishes are based on local and fresh ingredients. The delicacies is an experience in itself, such as the local and fresh smoked fish and lamb. Check out our delicious dinner suggestions – and remember: you can come out to Airisto and eat in our ordering restaurant, without bathing too!

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Useful information

  • glass porch 40 people
  • relax room 15 people
  • heated outer deck, up to 100 people
  • beach 100+ (party tent)

A hotel within walking distance  (100+ people)

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