Weddings and parties

Do you want your party to include intimate elegance and a sophisticated atmosphere? Or perhaps you want more flash and glitter? Do you want to spend your birthday or bachelor party with a high standard in the most beautiful archipelago, enjoying a jacuzzi, but still in an easily accessible place? Or do you dream of a wedding at the beach with the sunset at the horizon.

High standard locations

Wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life. Arrange an emotional and intimate wedding in a true, but also easily accessible archipelago surrounding. Our locations are all of high standard, they are clean and really in a archipelago spirit.

Choose a place among various styles and sizes when planning your unique and forever remembered party. Maybe at a luxury villa in true island atmosphere or a fast-paced beach party on a sandy beach.

The whole party package from us
We arrange really nice and different types of parties with the help of our partners, from beginning to end.

A memorable bachelor party in the Turku archipelago

Now all you, bridesmaids, best-men and the prospective bride / groom’s friends: wake up! Arrange a bachelor party for your friend, a truly rememberable night. Not how she/he was humiliated, but how good and smoothly everything went and the amazing environment!

Unique locations in the Turku vincinity

We can offer you the facilities and services needed for a luxurious and self-hosted bachelor party. Large villas with hot tubs, exciting water activities or maybe a more traditional bridal sauna with a relaxing massage. Food can be arranged flexibly according to different flavors and tastes.
All of course in style and only a 45 minutes drive away from Turku, all year round. 
All arrangements according to your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Airisto Spa weddings


  • Childrens birthday parties
  • Bridal Sauna
  • Theme Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Bachelor Party
  • Graduation Party


– own drinks allowed
– catering services
– cakes
– decoration
– live music
– standup
– wedding transportation

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