Private Sauna

Enjoy our underground sauna and a starry sky in a warm pool out in the Finnish archipelago! Our saunas are built underground, this by itself creates its own atmosphere, we promise. We offer you the allt the sauna accessories needed, everything from swimwear to shampoo. And after the sauna you can relax in our relaxation room with a great view of the western sky and the sea beyond. In addition, we arrange for food and drinks. The saunas suit all tastes. We have the right sauna for you!

Your complete Sauna World

The genuine Finnish smoke sauna gives a lovely bath, soft and comfortable, with scents of alder. The steam sauna removes all your concerns. Lovely aromas, pleasant warmth and a velvety steam soothes the body and soul. Our traditional Finnish sauna is well known to everybody, its a warm, familiar and safe choice for all sauna enthusiast. The baths are long and pleasant enough and the fresh air intake is guaranteed. We are sure you will like them! The infrared sauna is a good choice for those who want to experiment. It is modern, trendy and at the same time full of health benefits. For year 2017 we have new wood heated iglu-sauna.

Pools and beach

Our terrace is an outdoor spa that look quite respectable. Even a large group can fit in our pools and hot tubs. With a twinkling starry sky or a spectacular sunset in the archipelago guarantees a nice atmosphere. The outdoor pool is heated by solar energy. We see too that the hot tubs are warm and cosy, 40 degrees all year round. Imagine a freezing night in February, with a cap pulled over your ears, bubbly in the glass, from the neck down embraced by the beautiful, clean and heated spring water from the archipelago! One can spend his time in worse manner. In the summertime there is also a cold swimming pool available – and if that’s not enough, there´s also a sand beach just below the porch. And the best part; Privacy, only one customer at a time – you or your group.

Meetings and events

In our Relax Room (glassed porch overlooking the sea, can be darkened) you can organize events and meetings. Read more about meetings and celebrations.

Additional services

If your really want to pamper yourself or your guests then we also have body and mind pleasing peath baths, massages, yoga, pilates and manicure.

Sauna Info

  • smoke sauna approx. 10 people
  • electric sauna approx. 7 people
  • steam sauna approx. 10 people
  • traditional wood heated sauna approx. 6 people. New for 2017
  • infrared sauna 2 people (not during winter)

Swimming pools and tubs

  • swimming pool (not during winter)
  • hot tub (8 persons)
  • large jacuzzi, placed out
  • cold thin (1 person)

Dressing rooms

  • for women and men own ones
  • care products (shampoos, etc.)
  • towels
  • 2 x wc
  • 8 showers

Relax-room can also be used as a dressing room

Additional services

If you really want to pamper yourself or your guests, try our peat sauna, massage- and manicure services.

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